Teaching Resources

This page is a directory of assorted teaching and math-specific resources. I was keeping them on a self-hosted server but not only did it keep them locked up in my personal network (I know my limits and managing a publicly exposed Bookstack instance is one of them) but it occurred to me that there isn’t a good reason not to post them somewhere where they might do some good to someone else. If there’s something I’m missing please let me know!

Fun and Games with math:

Math With Bad Drawings: Blog, the author is a STEM educator who focuses on math, making it accessible, and why it so often isn’t. Importantly for my purposes, he has a unique ability for really terrible cartoon drawings about math. This resource is listed primarily for the drawings which can be useful in slideshows and student handouts.

BedtimeMath: Bedtime Math sends parents a fun, new math problem daily. Targeted for kids ages 3-9, it begins with a short, fun set-up story, followed by three math problems at three levels of challenge.

Mathologer: Youtube Channel, extremely well-thought-out explainers of complex mathematics topics by an older goofball professor from Monash University in Melbourne. Ties into pop culture and has good animations.